GERMANTOWN, Md. -- Over the course of the last six months, Kaulkin Ginsberg Company (KGC) contacted a number of accounts receivable management (ARM) companies about participating in an in-depth benchmarking process. Participants ranged in size from $5 million to $50 million in annual revenue and had vastly different organizational and business structures. These participants completed comprehensive surveys that examined their companies from a number of angles. In return, the participants are receiving customized, comparative analysis reports on their respective company relative to the industry benchmark report.

This was far from an easy process. KGC’s team of analysts sorted through all of the financial statements, normalizing adjustments, and operating metrics for each company. Next, the team reviewed and compiled all of the information in order to extract data that they felt was incredibly beneficial to the ARM industry. The report includes three years’ worth of summary level statistics, aggregated financial statements, financial ratio analyses (profitability, liquidity, efficiency, and leverage), and operating statistics and key performance indicators – data they haven’t been able to find anywhere else in the market.

Some colleagues asked KGC’s team of analysts why they were so intent on preparing such an in-depth report that nobody else is producing because of the level of work involved. Michael Thomas, Director of Research, explained, “At first, we started to wonder, ‘Are they right?’ Despite this opposition, we kept going back to the idea that understanding business performance can be incredibly challenging when comparisons to anyone other than yourself are difficult, if not impossible, to find, and the specter of sharing information with potential competitors is just too great.”

Far too often have owners struggled to assess opportunities for growth or investments back into their businesses because they lacked the information needed to make informed strategic decisions on how best to position their business for long-term success. In order to make this report more accessible to the ARM industry, especially as they begin conducting internal strategic planning discussion for 2018, KGC is making it available through the universal membership of KG Prime.

To request KG Prime Universal membership, click here. Also, please feel free to contact KGC at if you are interested in participating in next year’s study since we plan on making this report an annual release.

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