Debt collection refers to the work done to recover balances from credit accounts that are past due. Most commonly, debt collection specifically references third party debt collectors whose clients include banks, credit card issuers and other credit grantors, debt buyers, governments, and any organization that extends credit or owns an account where a balance is due. Collection methods traditionally include phone calls from call center agents, e-mails, and letters, and increasingly, SMS text. If an account remains in arrears after these efforts, the collection agency may contract with a collection attorney to file suit to recover the debt, if the collection agency is not positioned to do so.

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Landmark Victory! Debt Collector Did Not Deceive Debtor Who Refused to Give Name

14 April 2021

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ERC Obtains 2 Dismissals in One Day; Court Criticizes Plaintiff’s “Cookie-Cutter” Complaints.

13 April 2021

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New Mexico Law Targets Healthcare Collections

12 April 2021

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CFPB Proposes to Delay Effective Date of Reg F for 60 Days

8 April 2021

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Executive Q&A: Stephanie Eidelman Talks With Todd Meeks of Neustar

30 March 2021

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Regulation F FAQ: Disputes

24 March 2021

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Regulation F FAQ: Itemization Dates

22 March 2021

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FTC Provides Annual Letter to CFPB on Debt Collection Activities

22 March 2021

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Dancing to Their Own Tune: Empowering Consumers Through Self-Service

16 March 2021

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RMAi Provides Guidance on Federal Stimulus Funds

15 March 2021

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CFPB Debt Collection Rule Alert: 11 Whopping Misstatements You Need to Know About

9 March 2021

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What the CFPB’s New Debt Collection Rules Mean for Creditors and First-Party Servicers (sponsored)

25 February 2021

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Framing the Discussion of the Role of Consumer Financial Services

22 February 2021

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Can We Say Goodbye to Six-Figure Emotional Distress Jury Awards? The Future of Actual Damages Awards in Light of the Seventh Circuit’s Standing Decisions

9 February 2021

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Calling Balls and Strike on the Debt Collection Rule

8 February 2021

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CAS Anticipates Robust M&A Market for Outsourced Business Services in 2021

29 January 2021

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Limited Content Messages And Your Company’s Name

27 January 2021

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Mass. Releases Webinar on Examination and Legislation Strategy for Debt Collectors

21 January 2021

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Biden Selects Rohit Chopra to Lead Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

19 January 2021

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CFPB Issues Guidelines on Serving Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Consumers

14 January 2021