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Massachusetts Attorney General Announces Consent Agreement with Debt Collection Law Firm

27 July 2017


Massachusetts Proposes New Rules for Collection Litigation on Credit Card Debt

15 December 2016


Data Breach at UMass Leads to Settlement; Sends Warning to Healthcare Providers About Policies and Procedures

6 December 2016


Colorado Publishes FDCPA Sunset Review

18 October 2016


Keeping up with State Licensing and Enforcement Activity is Becoming a Full-Time Job For Collection Agencies

13 September 2016


Massachusetts Jumps into the Active Debt Collection Regulation Pool

25 August 2016

Massachusetts Court Rules Any Call is a "Communication"

19 July 2016

Massachusetts Collection Law Firms Are Now ‘Debt Collectors’

1 December 2015

Massachusetts Proposes New Debt Collection Legislation; Creditors Should Take Note

29 October 2015

Massachussetts Division of Banks Issues Results of Regulatory Review

21 August 2015