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CFPB Agrees Single-Director Structure is Unconstitutional, Requests U.S. Supreme Court Reviews Case

23 September 2019

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Consumer Relations Consortium Submits Comment to CFPB's NPRM for Debt Collection

19 September 2019

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CFPB Complaint Database to Remain Public, but Will Include Enhancements to Put Data into Context

19 September 2019


Credit Reporting is Front and Center in CFPB’s Supervisory Highlights; Debt Collection Referenced

18 September 2019


CFPB Requests Comments for Tech Sprints—Using Small-Group Competitions to Solve Innovation Problems

17 September 2019


CFPB Launches Innovation Network with State AGs; Issues Three New Policies

10 September 2019


The CFPB’s Proposed Debt Collection Rules—What They Mean for Financial Institutions That Outsource to Collection Vendors

10 September 2019


CFPB Settles with Asset Recovery Associates Over Alleged Litigation, Credit Reporting, and Arrest Threats

29 August 2019


Debt Collection and Modern Communication Channels Discussed in CFPB Credit Card Market Report

28 August 2019

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FTC’s Former BCP Director Criticizes NPRM Hyperlinks Proposal as Exposing Consumers to Danger

26 August 2019

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CFPB Appoints Private Student Loan Ombudsma

19 August 2019


CFPB Constitutionality on Steps of Supreme Court Yet Again, Supported by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

13 August 2019

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7th Circuit's Lavallee Decision: What Does it Mean for Text Messaging and the NPRM?

12 August 2019


CFPB Extends Comment Period for Debt Collection NPRM to Sept. 18, iA Provides Perspective on What Could Happen

1 August 2019


CFPB Fines Buffalo-Based Debt Collection Group $60M, Bans Them From Industry

29 July 2019

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A Deeper Dive into the CFPB's Report Finding Decline in Debt Collection Credit Reporting Trends

24 July 2019


Lexington Law Moves to Dismiss CFPB Suit, Says Not Liable for 3rd Party Acts, CFPB Unconstitutional

23 July 2019


CFPB, FTC, and State AGs Settle with Equifax over 2017 Data Breach

22 July 2019

OIG: CFPB’s Internal Complaint-Sharing Tools Effective, but Concerns Over Protecting Sensitive Data

11 July 2019


CFPB Settles with Freedom Debt Relief for $25 Million

10 July 2019