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CFPB Issues Request for Information on Consumer Credit Card Market

30 January 2023

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Regulating Medical Debt Collection: A 2022 Review and Look Ahead

26 January 2023

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CFSA Files Opposition to CFPB’s Certiorari Petition Seeking Review of Fifth Circuit Ruling that CFPB’s Funding is Unconstitutional and also Files Cross-Petition for Certiorari

23 January 2023

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CFPB Proposes Registry for Supervised Nonbanks Using Form Contracts Containing Arbitration Provisions, Waivers, or Other Limits

17 January 2023

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CFPB Adds Six New Items to Fall 2022 Rulemaking Agenda, Including Overdraft Fees, Fees for Insufficient Funds, and Credit Card Penalty Fees

10 January 2023

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A Look Back at 2022 in Consumer Credit and Collections Case Law and Federal and State Regulation

5 January 2023

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CFPB Report Finds Only Small Fractions of Activated Guard and Reserve Servicemembers Receive SCRA Interest Rate Reductions

4 January 2023

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CFPB Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Signaling Intent to Create Registry of Repeat Offenders

22 December 2022

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State AGs File Amicus Briefs Urging Supreme Court to Grant CFPB’s Petition for Certiorari Seeking Review of Fifth Circuit Ruling That CFPB’s Funding is Unconstitutional

20 December 2022

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Looking Back on 2022: A Dynamic Year for the ARM Industry

19 December 2022

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CFPB Expands Consumer Complaint Access to Local Governments

13 December 2022

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CFPB on Schedule with Consumer Data Privacy Rights Rulemaking Process

8 December 2022

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Breaking Down the CFPB's Opinion on Convenience Fees [Sponsored]

8 December 2022

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New Litigation Challenges CFPB’s Subpoena Authority Based on Fifth Circuit Decision Holding CFPB’s Funding Mechanism is Unconstitutional

30 November 2022

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CFPB Focuses on Junk Fees, Credit Reporting, and COVID-19 Relief Funds in Latest Supervisory Highlights

29 November 2022

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CFPB Files Cert Petition Requesting Expedited Review of Fifth Circuit Decision Finding Funding Structure Unconstitutional

22 November 2022

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CFPB Issues Circular on Investigation of Consumer Reporting Disputes

16 November 2022

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State Attorney General Calls on CFPB to Heed Fifth Circuit’s Ruling in Community Financial Services Association of America

9 November 2022

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CFPB Responds to Fifth Circuit Ruling that its Funding Mechanism is Unconstitutional

7 November 2022

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CFPB Issues Advisory Opinion to Consumer Reporting Agencies to Remove “Facially False Data” to Maintain FCRA Compliance

2 November 2022