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Kathleen Kraninger

Senate Vote on Kraninger to Lead BCFP Expected Tomorrow

28 November 2018

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CRC Proposes Comprehensive Solution to Consumer Communications Challenges

27 November 2018


Senate Likely to Vote on Kraninger After Thanskgiving Break

19 November 2018


BCFP Files Amicus Brief in U.S. Supreme Court Case, Concludes Law Firm Did Not Engage in Debt Collection by Initiating Nonjudicial Foreclosure

19 November 2018


Presentation Highlights Emerging Trends, Innovation, and Robocall Blocking at TransUnion's Third Party Conference

12 November 2018

Rep. Maxine Waters Indicates BCFP Will Be Her Focus if Named Chair of House Financial Services Committee

8 November 2018


2018 Midterm Election Results Could Mean Some Changes for Financial Services Industry

7 November 2018

BCFP Revisits Payday Rule, Expected January 2019

29 October 2018


Innovation: Opening the Door for Regulatory Engagement

29 October 2018

BCFP Releases Complaints Snapshot, Debt Collection No Longer No. 1

25 October 2018


Court Finds BCFP's Claims Were Not Meritless, Denies Weltman's Request for Attorneys' Fees, Partially Grants Requests for Costs

23 October 2018


BCFP: Fix the Authentication Dance Between Consumers and Collectors

18 October 2018


Mulvaney: BCFP Intends to Define "Abusive" of UDAAP

16 October 2018

Four Amicus Briefs Filed in BCFP Constitutionality Supreme Court Case, Argue Congress Violated Separation of Powers

15 October 2018


BCFP Enters Consent Order with Bluestem for Delayed Forwarding of Direct Payments on Sold Accounts

9 October 2018

Kavanaugh Sworn in as U.S. Supreme Court Justice, May Impact ARM-Related Cases

8 October 2018

Rep. Waters Introduces House Bill to Require BCFP to Meet Its Statutory Purpose

3 October 2018

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BCFP Appeals S.D.N.Y. Opinion on Constitutionality, Issue Now Before Yet Another Appellate Court

19 September 2018

Report Ordered on House Bill Requiring BCFP to Provide Guidance on Compliance with Consumer Financial Protection Laws

18 September 2018


Democratic Senators Send Scalding Letter to Mulvaney, Demand Answers Following Resignation of Student Loan Ombudsman

17 September 2018