Reach your audience through targeted content.

Sponsored Articles

  • Signal your subject matter expertise and draw new prospects.
  • Appears as a standard article at and in the daily newsletter with one difference: it’s marked as sponsored.
  • Pricing: $1,000 / article

Whitepaper / Lead Generation Campaigns

  • Host your whitepaper at, promote it through and segment our list to get leads.
  • Our lead generation / whitepaper program guarantees a minimum number of leads. The program includes whitepaper hosting AND basic promotion for a minimum of 80 leads.
  • We'll host and promote the whitepaper (through our daily blast and website) for at least a month. If we don't hit 80 leads, we'll continue to promote until we do (up to three months).
  • This campaign includes whitepaper hosting, front page and newsletter links and native advertising. We’ll report new leads back to you weekly.
  • Cost: $4,000

Editor’s Notes

  • Editor’s Notes are native advertising spaces in the daily newsletter. Just below our lead story we include a text box that is formatted to look like the lead news item.
  • Cost: $500 per Note

Editorial Topic Sponsorship

Sponsoring an editorial topic is a turn-key form of inbound/content marketing. By participating, your company will build brand recog¬nition and thought leadership by tying your brand to subject matter critical to our readers and your prospects.

Topics include:

  • CFPB
  • State Licensing
  • Healthcare
  • TCPA
  • Doing It Right

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Sole sponsorship of your topic for one full year.
  2. Exclusive top banner advertising on your topic page. This is a 728x90 pixel ad.
  3. Wrapper advertising on your topic page which spans the full width of the website, offering maximum visibility for your product or brand. The full dimensions of the creative are 2000x525 pixels with a 1170x225 pixel clickable area.​
  4. Logo on floating banner bar on your topic page.
  5. Consistent content posts on topic.
  6. Branded topic stamp to appear at the top of each and every article tagged with your sponsored topic.
  7. Regular advertising from insideARM for your topic page. This includes both website and eNewsletter ads.


Q: How long is the sponsorship period?
A: Each editorial topic requires a 12 month (or 1 calendar year) sponsorship commitment.

Q: What is the biggest benefit of sponsoring an editorial topic?
A: As a topic sponsor, you are able to have readers and prospects associate your company with subject matter that relates specifically to interested readers and also your brand. Your branded stamp is the strongest form of brand association, and receives the most impressions and clicks through this program.

Q: What is the topic stamp?
A: The topic stamp appears at the top of any content piece that is related to your topic, so readers see it the instant they read the headline.

Q: What does it cost?
Pricing on Editorial Topic Sponsorships are variable. Please email for individual pricing / availability.

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