The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) is the primary law in the U.S. governing the conduct of telemarketers. Its primary regulator is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The TCPA restricts the use of dialers, prerecorded voice messages, SMS text messages received by cell phones, and the use of fax machines. Even though the law was not designed with ARM in mind, debt collectors often find themselves restricted in the communication technology they can use. In addition, contradictory guidance from regulators and court rulings has led to an explosion in the number of TCPA cases collection agencies must defend.

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District Court Judge Finds Collection Calls in Medical Case Are “Concrete Injury” Under Spokeo

16 February 2017


With Second Decisive Win, Stellar Solidifies Prior Milestone Victory Establishing Dialing System is TCPA Compliant

8 February 2017


U.S. Magistrate Judge in Michigan Rules LiveVox HCI System is Not an ATDS

8 February 2017


FCC Will Host Webinar to Help Consumers Deal With Robocalls

6 February 2017


Credit Unions Urge FCC's Pai to Reconsider TCPA Rules

24 January 2017


Student Loan Servicers Petition FCC to Reconsider TCPA Exemption Rules

24 January 2017


Trump Names FCC Chairman Who Has Been Critical of Former Leadership

23 January 2017


Judge Denies “Nomorobo” Operator’s Request to Alter Her Prior Opinion Dismissing TCPA Case

10 January 2017


AT&T Introduces Service Designed to Target and Block Calls

22 December 2016

Tom Wheeler - FCC Chairman

FCC Chairman to Step Down; Could Lead to Reversal of TCPA Ruling

15 December 2016


Today at 1pm eastern: FCC Holds Robocalls Webinar For Consumers

14 December 2016


Mo. Federal Judge Rules Hospital Not Liable for Potential TCPA Claims Based on Acts of Third Party Agency

13 December 2016


2nd Cir. Rules Successful Offer of Judgment Mooted TCPA Putative Class Action

8 December 2016


TCPA Case Allowed to Proceed, But Not as Class Action

7 December 2016


FCC Denies MBA’s Petition to Exempt ‘Servicing Calls’ from TCPA

7 December 2016


Off the Grid: TCPA Class Action Settlement for Energy Utility Company

7 December 2016


Federal Judge Determines That 18 Calls Over Two-Week Period Does Not Violate FDCPA

6 December 2016


FCC Releases TCPA Enforcement "Reminder" as Speculation Continues About Trump Effect

23 November 2016


LiveVox Discusses Technology for Effective TCPA Defense in Upcoming Webinar

22 November 2016


Can Trump Make the TCPA Great Again? A Highly-Speculative Look at the Future of the TCPA under a Trump Presidency

17 November 2016