The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) is the primary law in the U.S. governing the conduct of telemarketers. Its primary regulator is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The TCPA restricts the use of dialers, prerecorded voice messages, SMS text messages received by cell phones, and the use of fax machines. Even though the law was not designed with ARM in mind, debt collectors often find themselves restricted in the communication technology they can use. In addition, contradictory guidance from regulators and court rulings has led to an explosion in the number of TCPA cases collection agencies must defend.

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Church Provides No Sanctuary: Sixth Circuit’s FDCPA Decision May Breathe New Life into TCPA Spokeo Arguments

22 February 2018


Southern District of Florida Finds Telephone Dialing System Not an ATDS Under the TCPA

12 February 2018


TCPA Case Law Review for December 2017

30 January 2018


TCPA Case Law Review for September-November 2017

11 December 2017


District Court Doubles Down on Romero and Again Dismisses TCPA Claim for Lack of Article III Standing

7 December 2017


Court Bends Every Rule, Grants Dismissal to Kohl’s in “Opt-Out Evader” TCPA Suit –Blesses Contractual Revocation Clause

5 December 2017


89 Call Recordings Not Enough to Convince Court that Plaintiff Did Not Revoke Consent

4 December 2017


LiveVox Joins Innovista Law to Provide Insight on TCPA Takeaways from 2017 in Upcoming Webinar

4 December 2017


BREAKING NEWS: Industry-Friendly Decision in VoIP Case

30 November 2017


Voice over Internet Protocol - Yesterday, Today and Back to Yesterday

30 November 2017


FCC Issues New Proposed Robocall Blocking Rules; Collectors Have a Unique Challenge

20 November 2017


Second Circuit Declines to Rehear Decision on Revoking TCPA Consent

2 November 2017


In Connecticut, 29 Call Attempts in 24 days May Be FDCPA Violation

2 October 2017


The Gathering Avalanche: “Robocall” Blocking, and What Can be Done

11 September 2017


TCPA Case Law Review for July and August 2017

31 August 2017


Court Rules Revocation of Consent for One Creditor Does Not Revoke Consent for Another

29 August 2017


Another U.S. District Court Rules Human Call Initiator is Not an ATDS

28 August 2017


TCPA Student Loan Calls Case Dismissed – Court Determines TCPA Exception Applied

23 August 2017


Appeals Court Creates TCPA Compliance Rule: Honor the “Call Me Sometimes” Request

14 August 2017


The FTC is Looking to Crowdsource a Solution to Unwanted Calls

2 August 2017