The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) is the primary law in the U.S. governing the conduct of telemarketers. Its primary regulator is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The TCPA restricts the use of dialers, prerecorded voice messages, SMS text messages received by cell phones, and the use of fax machines. Even though the law was not designed with ARM in mind, debt collectors often find themselves restricted in the communication technology they can use. In addition, contradictory guidance from regulators and court rulings has led to an explosion in the number of TCPA cases collection agencies must defend.

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Third Circuit Rules Single Phone Call Sufficient to Create Standing in TCPA Claim

12 July 2017


What Happens to Faxed Revocation of Consent?

6 July 2017


$25 Medical Bill Turns into $34,500 TCPA Judgment and FDCPA Claim for Damages Still to be Litigated

5 July 2017


Are Significant Changes To Class Actions On The Horizon? (Part Two)

29 June 2017


Court Says Calls to VoIP Number Did Not Violate TCPA

29 June 2017


Petition to Exempt Ringless Voicemails From Anti-Robocall Rules Has Been Withdrawn

28 June 2017


TCPA Case Law Review for May and June 2017

27 June 2017


Breaking: 2nd Circuit Says TCPA Consent Not Revocable if Part of Contract

23 June 2017


What You Should Know About "Standing" Since Spokeo

19 June 2017


LiveVox Discusses Latest Cell Phone Consent Management Approaches with TCPA Legal Counsel

13 June 2017


"Ringless Voicemail" Petition at FCC: Another Factor to Consider in TCPA Compliance

5 June 2017


TCPA Is Not Dead Yet – Court Trebles Eight Figure TCPA Award While World Awaits ACA Decision

30 May 2017


Rite Aid’s TCPA Win Sheds Light on Health Care Rule Exemption

23 May 2017

FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly

FCC's O'Rielly Says Legitimate Businesses Haven't Effectively Told Their Story on TCPA

5 May 2017


Courts Grapple with Fine Line between (Medical) Informational & Telemarketing Calls

2 May 2017


Employment Related Communications - A New Frontier for TCPA Class Actions?

27 April 2017


Prior Express Consent Defeats TCPA Claim, But Jury May Find 87 Calls Over 19 Days to be FDCPA Violation

19 April 2017


Simple TCPA Case Becomes Two-Year Journey to Dismissal

12 April 2017


Will FCC Loss in Junk Fax Case Have Positive Impact on TCPA Cases?

5 April 2017


TCPA Defendant Settles Class Claims on Individual Basis Following Counterclaims for Harassment and Racketeering

27 March 2017