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Pass-Through Online Payment Processing Fees are Exceptions to FDCPA, Says N.D. Ill.

7 November 2019

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Third SEC Filing on AMCA Data Breach, Bringing Total to Over 20M Accounts Stored on Breached System

10 June 2019

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Large Data Breach at Healthcare Collection Agency

6 June 2019

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Three Lessons for Debt Collectors from the CFPB’s Latest Supervisory Highlights: Amount Owed Accuracy, Disclosures, And Payment Dates

13 March 2019


An Inconvenient Truth About Convenience Fees

12 March 2019


Marriott Data Security Breach Lessons: Why PCI Compliance Levels Matter (sponsored)

2 January 2019


BillingTree Enhances, Integrates SMS Payment Solution Within Payrazr & CareView for Text, Mobile Payments

14 November 2018


E-Sign and Electronically Sending Legally Required Documents

9 August 2018

BillingTree Showcasing Payment Card Account Updater For ARM At 2018 ACA International July 23-25 In Nashville

19 July 2018

LucentPay Partners with Applied Innovation to Offer Payment Solutions

18 July 2018

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PaymentVision & InterProse Announce Partnership to Provide Integrated Payment Solutions

17 July 2018


Confused About How To Comply with Regulation E for Accounts Receivable? Legal Experts Explain (sponsored)

16 July 2018


Payment Savvy Announces they have Taken the Convenience Fee Model to the Next Level

16 July 2018

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PaymentVision & Fidelity Express Announce Partnership to Provide Integrated Payment Solutions

12 July 2018


PDCflow Enhances Payment Hub to Allow for Secure Web Chat Payments

11 June 2018


PDCflow and Soar Payments Announce Collaboration to Offer Powerful Payment Solutions to Merchants (Sponsored)

21 May 2018


PDCflow Announces Patent on Technology for Secure Payments

19 April 2018


Credit Card Fraud Prevention Tips for Online Payments (sponsored)

29 March 2018

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BillingTree Healthcare Survey Reveals Top Challenges, Shows Providers Improving Patient Payment Experience with Technology

27 February 2018

The 2018 Payments Technology Checklist – Five to Follow (sponsored)

15 February 2018