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Focus on 3 Key Areas to Audit Collection Agencies: Area 1, Cash Handling

26 April 2017


49 Call Attempts in 18 Days with No Evidence of Intent to Harass = No FDCPA Violation

8 March 2017


Collection Letter Containing Check Box to Dispute Debt Created Potential FDCPA Claims, Federal Court Rules

1 March 2017


Petitioners Seek Prior Express Written Consent for All Autodialed Calls to Cell Phones Under the TCPA

21 February 2017


FTC Announces $700,000 Settlement with Debt Collector

15 February 2017


Employers Beware: Ninth Circuit Finds Inclusion of Liability Waiver in FCRA Background Check Disclosure Form is a Willful Violation

13 February 2017


U.S. Magistrate Judge in Michigan Rules LiveVox HCI System is Not an ATDS

8 February 2017

CPF Square Emblem

Compliance Professionals Forum Announces 2017 Editorial Review Board Members

2 February 2017

AdobeStock-Customer Service Complaint

Source Says CFPB Company Complaint Portal Updates Will Release in March

31 January 2017


Refresher on Electronic Signatures and Regulation-E (sponsored)

30 January 2017