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Mass. AG Enters $4M Settlement with PRA for Allegedly Violating Consumer Protection Laws

11 November 2019

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CFPB's Semi-Annual Report Contains Some, But Not Much, Information About Debt Collection

10 October 2019

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CFPB Complaint Database to Remain Public, but Will Include Enhancements to Put Data into Context

19 September 2019

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Complaint Data Trends and Limitations: Three Take-Aways From the CFPB's Annual Consumer Response Report

3 April 2019

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CFPB Publishes its Fall 2018 Semi-Annual Report: Credit Invisibility, Mortgage Shopping, Consumer Complaints, and a Laundry List of Enforcement Actions

27 February 2019

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Compliance Checklist for Collection Professionals – A Look Back at 2018’s Most Critical Issues

7 January 2019

BCFP Releases Complaints Snapshot, Debt Collection No Longer No. 1

25 October 2018

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Integrative Technology Remains a Controversial Topic for Debt Collection Agencies

23 July 2018

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Debt Collector Brings RICO Suit Against Lexington Law

7 June 2018

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Convoke Adds Complaints Management to its Platform

17 May 2018

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CFPB Releases Final Request in Call for Evidence Series About its Practices

12 April 2018

How to Manage Your Online Reputation in the ARM Industry (sponsored)

8 March 2018

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CFPB Looking for Input on its Controversial Complaint Portal

6 March 2018

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Mulvaney to Move CFPB's Consumer Response; ACA Puts Complaints in Perspective

5 February 2018

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Continuity, Compliance and the CFPB: Food For Thought When Responding to Complaints (sponsored)

30 November 2017

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Collection Boot Camp: How to Respond to Collection Disputes

26 October 2017

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What to Include in an 'Interim Response' on CFPB Complaint Portal

5 September 2017

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Are Significant Changes To Class Actions On The Horizon? (Part Two)

29 June 2017

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Collectors Are Missing the Benefits of the CFPB Complaint Portal

10 May 2017

ACA International Publishes Dispute of CFPB Consumer Survey

1 March 2017