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CFPB Asks For Input Regarding New Consumer Complaint Feedback Process

30 November 2016


FDCPA Case Law Review for September 2016

13 October 2016

Midwest Compliance Symposium - Lemberg and Bedard - photo by Stephanie Eidelman

Sergei Lemberg Shares His Tips and Strategies With Creditors at Compliance Symposium

28 September 2016


Industry Gets Favorable Ruling in Debt Collection Envelope Case

18 August 2016


CFPB's Consumer Response Proposes New Consumer Feedback Survey

2 August 2016


insideARM Perspective on CFPB Outline of Proposed Debt Collection Rules – Communication Part 2

1 August 2016


Rozanne Andersen to Present Findings from Cost of Compliance Survey at PowerUp 2016

20 July 2016

Massachusetts Court Rules Any Call is a "Communication"

19 July 2016

AdobeStock-Customer Service Complaint

CFPB's Consumer Response Notifies Portal Contacts to Opt-In to Daily Digest Reports

29 June 2016


House Bill Introduced Requiring That CFPB Verifies Complaints and Publishes Context

15 June 2016


The FTC Continues to Pursue True "Robocallers"

15 June 2016

Consumer Finance Reporters to the Debt Collection Industry: Give us Facts and Data

28 April 2016

Former CFPB Senior Advisor: Debt Collection Industry Must Press CFPB to Put Complaint Data in Context

27 April 2016


NBC Debt Collection Article Includes Some Context, But Could Be Better

1 April 2016

Latest CFPB Complaint Report is Routine, But Provides a Nugget or Two

30 March 2016

“Bad Apples” Practice Reputational Theft on Good Professionals

11 March 2016


CFPB Actions Put Marketplace Lenders in the Crosshairs

8 March 2016

CFPB Consumer Response Clarifies Definition of Duplicate Complaint, and Other Updates

3 March 2016

Debt Collection Complaints to FTC Flooded by PrivacyStar Mobile App

2 March 2016

When it Comes to Errors, Cordray Holds CFPB to a Different Standard Than Those He Regulates

3 December 2015