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CFPB Director Cordray Testifies Before Senate Banking Committee; Session Was Mostly Partisan Posturing

16 July 2015

FTC Bans Fraudulent Debt Collectors Who Targeted Spanish-Speaking Consumers

8 July 2015

More Detail About CFPB’s Release of Public Debt Collection Complaint Narratives

26 June 2015

CFPB Publishes Over 7,700 Complaint Narratives About Companies, 29% Are About Debt Collection

25 June 2015

The CFPB's Latest Supervision Report Highlights Compliance Deficits in the Collection Industry

24 June 2015

CFPB Finds 90 Percent Rejection Rate For Student Loan co-Signers Seeking Release

19 June 2015

CFPB Company Complaint Portal Confusion

20 May 2015

Big Jump in Debt Collection Complaints in March Drives Record First Quarter in CFPB Data

20 April 2015

Volume of Debt Collection Complaints Holding Steady Early in 2015, But Data Does Show Changes

6 April 2015

CFPB Finalizes Policy on Consumer Complaint Narratives; Changes Company Response Process

19 March 2015

ACA Submits Comments Urging the CFPB to Revise Proposed Company Portal Boarding Form

3 February 2015

CFPB's 2014 Debt Collection Complaints by the Numbers

27 January 2015

Banking Association Urges Further Scrutiny of CFPB's Complaints Database by Federal Inspectors

16 January 2015

Consumers Focusing More on Dispute Notices and ID Theft in Debt Collection Complaints

6 January 2015

Complaints About Medical Debt Collection On the Rise

17 December 2014

CFPB Issues Consumer Advisory for Seniors Dealing with Debt Collectors

6 November 2014

Collection Complaints Fall in August, But More Claim Debt is Not Theirs

2 October 2014

NARCA Submits Response to CFPB Consumer Narrative Proposal

26 September 2014

ACA Submits Comments Opposing CFPB Proposal to Include Consumer Complaint Narratives in Public Database

23 September 2014

CFPB Features Consumer Story on Debt Collection Dispute

10 September 2014