Please join Consumer Financial Services Partner Chris Willis and his guests, fellow Partner Alan Wingfield and special guest Tom Kline, as they discuss effective consumer complaint management. They’ll touch on the CFPB’s position on complaint management, the elements and benefits of an effective complaint management system, as well as the potential consequences of not having a complaint management system in place. They conclude the podcast by providing practical tips for handling consumer complaints.

Alan Wingfield helps consumer-facing clients navigate compliance, litigation, and regulatory risks posed by the complex web of state and federal consumer protection laws. He is a trusted advisor and tireless advocate, helping clients develop practical compliance and dispute-resolution strategies. Alan has represented banks of all sizes, bank and nonbank mortgage servicers, auto finance companies, consumer finance companies, credit card issuers, specialized lenders, franchise and independent automobile dealers, and national retailers in many individual and class-action litigations under federal and state consumer protection laws, and he has counseled these types of entities in numerous state and federal compliance issues.

Tom Kline is the founder and lead consultant of Better Vantage Point, specializing in risk mitigation by preventing and solving automobile dealership problems through risk transfer remedies, compliance, and dealership dispute resolution. He is a former franchise dealership owner with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Transcript: Your Problems Come on Two Legs: Managing Consumer Complaints (PDF)

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