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IACC: 2017 Could Bring Some Change With New Administration

12 January 2017


The CFPB and the FTC Should Divide Up Debt Collection Enforcement

9 January 2017


Former Regulator Offers Extensive and Scathing Details of Life Inside the CFPB

22 December 2016

Trump Nominee to Head OMB Could Create Hurdles for CFPB Regulations

21 December 2016

Panelists at Consumer Advocacy Conference Offer Perspectives on Election Implications for Financial Services

5 December 2016


Can Trump Make the TCPA Great Again? A Highly-Speculative Look at the Future of the TCPA under a Trump Presidency

17 November 2016


What Could Trump’s Presidency Mean for the Debt Collection Industry?

9 November 2016

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The U.S. Chamber is Resetting the Consumer Finance Discussion (So Keep Talking!)

24 October 2016

3rd Cir. Holds No TCPA Coverage Under Business Owners Insurance Policy

22 September 2016

Podcast: Should Debt Collectors Email Consumers?

20 September 2016

It's Phishing Season: How to Prevent Your Company from Getting Speared

14 September 2016


CFPB’s Proposal for Collection of Decedent Debt: a Misguided Approach (Part 2 of 2)

31 August 2016


CFPB’s Proposal for Collection of Decedent Debt: a Misguided Approach

30 August 2016

Small Business Representative Shares Her Thoughts About Yesterday’s Debt Collection SBREFA Hearing

26 August 2016

CFPB Debt Collection Proposals Would Create Problematic New Substantiation Standard

25 August 2016

Is Spokeo the Death Knell to TCPA Litigation? Not Really?

15 August 2016


Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules - Failure to Specifically State “This Communication is From a Debt Collector” is Not FDCPA Violation

9 August 2016

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FDCPA Case Law Review for July 2016

4 August 2016

Courts Continue to Look for "Actual Harm" in TCPA Cases

4 August 2016

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15 ARM Industry Experts React to CFPB Outline of Proposed Debt Collection Rules

2 August 2016