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FTC’s Former BCP Director Criticizes NPRM Hyperlinks Proposal as Exposing Consumers to Danger

26 August 2019


CFPB, FTC, and State AGs Settle with Equifax over 2017 Data Breach

22 July 2019


FTC Files Lawsuit Against Credit Repair Organizations for Illegal Upfront Fees and Threatening Consumers with Legal Action

24 June 2019


FTC Seeks Comment on Data Security and Privacy Rules

14 March 2019


FTC, CFPB Reaffirm Commitment to Cooperation, Renew Memorandum of Understanding

27 February 2019


Definition of ATDS Now at U.S. Supreme Court’s Doorstep, Crunch Files Petition for Writ of Certiorari

31 January 2019


FCC, FTC Closed During Government Shutdown, Further Delaying Much Needed TCPA Clarity

3 January 2019


FTC Settles With Two Student Loan Debt Relief Companies Over Illegal Upfront Fees and False Promises

10 December 2018

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Summit Provides Insights on Hot Trends and Issues in Consumer Protection and Privacy

3 December 2018


FTC and NY AG Sue Debt Collectors for Impersonating Law Enforcement, Inflating Amounts Owed

1 November 2018


You Should be Aware of the Latest in Federal and State Activity to Stop Robocalls

16 May 2018

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A Kingpin, A ROBOCOP Act, and More. How Will it all Work?

24 April 2018


Robocall Kingpins, and Other Takeaways from the Joint FCC-FTC Robocall Policy Forum

28 March 2018

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Commissioners Comment on Circuit Court Ruling in ACA v. FCC

20 March 2018


FCC and FTC Partner in Upcoming Efforts to Stop Illegal Robocalls

13 March 2018

Collection Boot Camp: The Red Flags Rule and Debt Collection (sponsored)

8 January 2018

Why States Should Have Primary Oversight of Attorney’s Activities in Debt-Collection Litigation

14 December 2017

FTC Bans Three Scammers From Posing as Debt Collectors

7 December 2017


FCC Commission Meets Tomorrow; Will Address Robocall Blocking

15 November 2017


FTC Accuses Debt Collector of Deceitful Tactics

9 November 2017