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FTC Charges Joel Tucker in Fake Debt Sales Scheme; Brother Scott Tucker Ordered to Pay $1.3B in Separate 2016 Case

10 January 2017


The CFPB and the FTC Should Divide Up Debt Collection Enforcement

9 January 2017


FTC Granted Summary Judgment and Permanent Injunction Against Buffalo Debt Collectors

1 November 2016


FTC Forum Explores the Future of FinTech, Peer-to-Peer Payments

27 October 2016


FTC Workshop Tomorrow - Putting Disclosures to the Test

14 September 2016


CFPB’s Proposal for Collection of Decedent Debt: a Misguided Approach

30 August 2016


Federal Jury Convicts Owner of Defunct “Collection Firm” for Fraudulent Scheme

13 July 2016


FTC and CFPB Comment on FCC's Request for Input on TCPA Rules; A Missed Opportunity

21 June 2016


The FTC Continues to Pursue True "Robocallers"

15 June 2016

FTC Releases Annual Enforcement Report to the CFPB

8 June 2016


FTC Announces Suits Against Student Loan Debt Relief Scams

26 May 2016

Credit Protection Association Pays $72k, Adopts New Policies over FCRA Violations

10 May 2016

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The FTC’s Big Data Report – How it Applies to You!

20 April 2016

Summary Judgment Granted Against Dallas Debt Collector for Bad Behavior

15 April 2016


Headline The ARM Industry Should Like to See: “Closing Time for a Fake Debt Collector”

31 March 2016


FTC Advises Debt Collectors on Use of Text or Social Media to Engage Consumers

29 March 2016


FTC's Brill to Step Down

23 March 2016

Collectors, the FTC Wants You to Know: Do Not Buy, Sell, or Collect on These Debts

21 March 2016


FTC Expands List of Banned Debt Collectors; Is There Any Connection to Legitimate Firms?

16 March 2016

Debt Collection Complaints to FTC Flooded by PrivacyStar Mobile App

2 March 2016