The accounts receivable management industry relies heavily on technology to streamline processes and make operations more efficient. From complex communication technology like predictive dialers to cutting edge scoring and analytics, debt collection professionals use a host of progressive software and hardware solutions. Integration has become very important with collection technologies. Many vendors are partnering with providers of different services so that their technology will “talk” to each other. For example, collection software providers are now sure to reach out to dialer vendors, makers of analytics suites, skip tracing providers and letter shops so that all services can be used in a single interface.

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BillingTree Enhances, Integrates SMS Payment Solution Within Payrazr & CareView for Text, Mobile Payments

14 November 2018


Presentation Highlights Emerging Trends, Innovation, and Robocall Blocking at TransUnion's Third Party Conference

12 November 2018


Convoke Introduces Debt Settlement, API Support, Single Sign On

30 October 2018


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29 October 2018


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25 October 2018


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8 October 2018


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19 September 2018


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11 September 2018


PDCflow Announces First-Year Attendance at Debt Connection Symposium 2018

30 August 2018


PDCflow Introduces Custom Messages for Digital Consumer Communications

27 August 2018


You Can’t Afford To Have Bad Data: Do You Know Your Solutions? (sponsored)

13 August 2018


CFDCPA Meeting with Interim Administrator: Licensing, Complaints, and Communication

8 August 2018


Republican Senators Submit Letter to FCC Chairman Requesting Quick Clarification of TCPA

2 August 2018


Treasury Fintech Report Recommendations Could Change Banking As We Know It

2 August 2018


Bureau Reconstitutes Catalyst Group as Office of Innovation; Will Debt Collection Be Passed Over?

23 July 2018


Integrative Technology Remains a Controversial Topic for Debt Collection Agencies

23 July 2018


BillingTree Showcasing Payment Card Account Updater For ARM At 2018 ACA International July 23-25 In Nashville

19 July 2018


DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. Announces Patented Payment Technology Licensing

17 July 2018


Collect! Lite is Affordable, Easy to Use and Scalable

28 June 2018


BCFP Advises FCC to Carefully Consider ATDS Definition in Context of Debt Collection

14 June 2018