The accounts receivable management industry relies heavily on technology to streamline processes and make operations more efficient. From complex communication technology like predictive dialers to cutting edge scoring and analytics, debt collection professionals use a host of progressive software and hardware solutions. Integration has become very important with collection technologies. Many vendors are partnering with providers of different services so that their technology will “talk” to each other. For example, collection software providers are now sure to reach out to dialer vendors, makers of analytics suites, skip tracing providers and letter shops so that all services can be used in a single interface.

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BCFP Advises FCC to Carefully Consider ATDS Definition in Context of Debt Collection

14 June 2018


PDCflow Enhances Payment Hub to Allow for Secure Web Chat Payments

11 June 2018

Simultaneous House and Senate Bills Introduced to Expand TCPA’s ATDS Definition to Stop Robocalls made from Lists

11 June 2018

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IVR Technology - It's the New Thing Again

6 June 2018

Court Holds Manual Clicker Application Not an ATDS Based on FCC’s 2003 Predictive Dialer Ruling

30 May 2018


How DCI Is Embracing Artificial Intelligence (sponsored)

24 May 2018


PDCflow and Soar Payments Announce Collaboration to Offer Powerful Payment Solutions to Merchants (Sponsored)

21 May 2018

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Convoke Adds Complaints Management to its Platform

17 May 2018


Driving for Innovation in Debt Collection

10 May 2018


Call Blocking/Labeling: Big Impact, But Little Understanding

3 May 2018


Ontario Systems Acquires Justice Systems, Provider Of Court Case Management Software

3 May 2018


Sixth Annual ARM Industry Survey Finds Shift in Compliance and Security Concerns

3 May 2018

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Artificial Intelligence: Can It Help the Collection Industry Connect with Customers Their Way?

23 April 2018


PDCflow Announces Patent on Technology for Secure Payments

19 April 2018

AdobeStock--Photocreo Bednarek--jump-over-cross-chasm-leap-mountains-risk-sunset

Arizona Jumps Ahead of Other States In Financial Innovation

10 April 2018


The Top Four Challenges Facing the Collections Industry (sponsored)

9 April 2018


Using ACA v. FCC Decision, District of Nevada Grants Summary Judgment to Agency on TCPA Claim

4 April 2018

A Re-imagined Debt Collection Call Opening

2 April 2018


Credit Card Fraud Prevention Tips for Online Payments (sponsored)

29 March 2018


Collectors Need a Better Way to Confirm they are Speaking with the Right Person

15 March 2018