Bankruptcy is a legally declared inability by an individual, or business, to pay their creditors. The declaration is known as seeking bankruptcy protection (from creditors) or initiating a bankruptcy filing. Unsecured debts -- like credit card balances -- are typically in peril in bankruptcy filings. But recent changes to the U.S. bankruptcy code have seen more consumers forced to file Chapter 13, which requires a debt repayment plan, rather than Chapter 7, which effectively wipes out unsecured debt.

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Two FDCPA Class Actions Dismissed, Citing Supreme Court Ruling in Midland v. Johnson

3 August 2017


Judge Orders Bankruptcy Court to Consider Evidence of Trustee and Special Counsel Activity when Considering Request for Sanctions

12 June 2017


U.S. Supreme Court Rejects FDCPA Liability in Bankruptcy Proceeding

17 May 2017


1st Cir. Holds IRS 1099-A Forms Did Not Violate Discharge Injunction

2 February 2017


7th Cir. Holds Judgment Against Bankruptcy Debtor’s Husband Did Not Violate Co-Debtor Stay

25 January 2017


Judge Grants Collection Agency's Motion For Summary Judgment in FDCPA Bona Fide Error Case

15 December 2016


9th Cir. Holds Debtor’s Acknowledgement of Debt Does Not Excuse Untimely Proof of Claim

28 November 2016


Florida Court Holds Notice of Bankruptcy Sufficient for ‘Actual Knowledge’ of Representation by Counsel Under FCCPA

3 November 2016


Beam Software Partners with LCI to Provide Best-in-Class Bankruptcy Services to Customers

31 October 2016


Supreme Court Takes On Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Mess Created by FDCPA Ruling

20 October 2016


U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear FDCPA Case

12 October 2016


4th Cir. Holds Time-Barred Proof of Claim Does Not Violate FDCPA

7 September 2016


Plaintiff Counsel Threatened With Sanctions Responds to Judge in Experian "Meaningful Review" Credit Dispute Case

30 June 2016


Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Determines that a “Debt Collector” filing a Bankruptcy Court Proof of Claim on a Time-Barred Account is an FDCPA Violation

25 May 2016

Arizona Fed. Court Holds No FDCPA Violation for Collecting on Ex-Spouse’s Discharged Debt

7 March 2016

Court Rules in Favor of Law Firm and Creditor in Four Year Old FDCPA and Bankruptcy Case

19 February 2016

2nd Circuit Rules Bankruptcy Code Does Not Preclude FDCPA Suit in District Court

28 January 2016

Bankruptcy Code Precludes FDCPA Claim for Filing POC on Time-Barred Debt, Fla. District Court Holds

27 January 2016

Bankruptcy: A Fresh Start, But at What Cost?

29 July 2015

10 Years Later: What Have We Learned from BAPCPA?

29 July 2015