Bankruptcy is a legally declared inability by an individual, or business, to pay their creditors. The declaration is known as seeking bankruptcy protection (from creditors) or initiating a bankruptcy filing. Unsecured debts -- like credit card balances -- are typically in peril in bankruptcy filings. But recent changes to the U.S. bankruptcy code have seen more consumers forced to file Chapter 13, which requires a debt repayment plan, rather than Chapter 7, which effectively wipes out unsecured debt.

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Are You Properly Reporting Bankruptcies to Credit Bureaus?

29 July 2015

U.S. Supreme Court Holds Chapter 7 Debtor Cannot ‘Strip Off’ Wholly Unsecured Junior Mortgage

2 June 2015

DBA International Offers Webinar on Understanding the New Risks in the Bankruptcy Claim Process

16 April 2015

Circuit Court Rejects FDCPA Claim Based on Alleged Invalid Proof of Claim

4 March 2015

Court Expands FDCPA's "Least Sophisticated" Standard to Include Attorneys

25 February 2015

Bankruptcy Filings Down Nearly 12% in 2014; ARM Firms Well-Represented in Cases

18 February 2015

Fallout Growing from FDCPA Decision on Proof of Claim on Time-Barred Debt

18 November 2014

Feds Investigating Banks' and Debt Buyers' Treatment of Bankruptcy Accounts

13 November 2014

Court Ruling May Pave Way for Some Student Loan Discharge in Bankruptcy

28 August 2014

En Banc Hearing Sought in FDCPA Case, Crawford v. LVNV

8 August 2014

Portfolio Recovery Completes Aktiv Acquisition; Rebrands as PRA Group

16 July 2014

Circuit Court Holds that Filing a Proof of Claim on Time-Barred Debt Violates FDCPA

14 July 2014

State May Have to Defend its Debt Collection Practices After Settlement

24 June 2014

Executive Change: WWR Selects Scott Fink as Bankruptcy Business Unit Leader

29 April 2014

Encore Capital Group Closes Acquisition of Grove Capital Management

2 April 2014

Encore Capital Announces Two More International ARM Acquisitions

26 February 2014

Portfolio Recovery Associates Acquires UK IVA Platform

4 February 2014

15 ARM Firms Among Top 50 Creditors Listed in Bankruptcy Filings

24 January 2014

Bankruptcy Filings Down 13 Percent in 2013; Lowest Since 2007

7 January 2014

New York Times Investigative Report Focuses on Student Loan Guaranty Agency

2 January 2014