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Trio of New York Bills Would Extinguish Debt, Require Licensing and Impose Additional Requirements in Collection Litigation

12 March 2019


Federal Law Preempts DC Licensing Requirements for Certain Types of Federal Student Loans, According to District of DC

6 December 2018

CFDCPA Meeting with Interim Administrator: Licensing, Complaints, and Communication

8 August 2018


FDCPA Caselaw Review for May 2018

12 June 2018

June Renewals Calendar: Licensing, Reports

22 May 2018

Can Risk Be Outsourced? Understanding Your Downstream Partners' Liabilities

3 May 2018

May Renewals Calendar: Licensing, Reports

25 April 2018


The Calm After the (Massachusetts Debt Buyer) Storm

17 April 2018


Massachusetts Court Rules in Favor of Passive Debt Buyers

12 April 2018


Connecticut’s New Net Worth Requirement for Collectors

26 October 2017

Oregon Debt Collection Bill Passes House and Senate

26 July 2017