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Where Proficiency Meets Efficiency: Credit Bureau Disputes Case Management Systems

26 July 2022

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Court Grants Partial Summary Judgment in FCRA Case Based on Statute of Limitations

13 June 2022

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Boost Disputes Management Efficiency with Three Steps

4 May 2022

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ICYMI: CFPB Takes Action Against Fair Collections & Outsourcing for Misrepresentation and Failing to Investigate ID Theft.

31 August 2021

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Are “No Injury” FCRA Lawsuits in The Rearview Mirror? Yes, according to two recent court decisions.

31 August 2021

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CFPB Fines GreenSky $2.5 Million and Requires Cancellation of $9 Million in Loans

15 July 2021

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Court Finds FDCPA SOL Accrues on Date Debt is Reported to CRA; FCRA Does Not Require Adherence to Metro 2 Guidelines

6 May 2021

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Debt Collector Wins on Bona Fide Error Defense Where Dispute Letter Too Vague

28 April 2021

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ERC Obtains 2 Dismissals in One Day; Court Criticizes Plaintiff’s “Cookie-Cutter” Complaints.

13 April 2021

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5th Circuit Sides with Lexington Law: Affirms Decision Vacating $2.5MM Award to Debt Collectors; Finds Letters are Not Fraud

6 April 2021

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Regulation F FAQ: Disputes

24 March 2021