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Ontario Systems Announces Investment from New Mountain Capital

27 August 2019


New Washington Debt Collection Law Requires Itemization Notice for Medical Debt

26 June 2019


Breakdown of Four New Requirements for Collecting Medical Debt in the State of Washington

1 May 2019


In States Without Balance Billing Legislation, Patients Continue to See "Surprise" Invoices for Out-of-Network Providers

20 March 2019

Kaulkin Ginsberg Announces the Revenue Cycle Management Industry: 2018 Outlook

6 November 2018

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New Jersey's Out-of-Network Healthcare Billing Law Goes Into Effect

6 September 2018

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E.D. Michigan: TCPA Consent Passes from Doctor’s Office to Debt Collector Retained by Laboratory

1 August 2018


FDCPA Caselaw Review for April 2018

22 May 2018

8th Cir. Applies ‘Materiality’ Requirement to FDCPA Action, Joining Other Circuits

7 May 2018

Are Physician Staffing Companies Killing the Patient Experience and Bottom Line?

10 April 2018

5 States Make Balance Billing Progress in the First Quarter of 2018

15 March 2018

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BillingTree Healthcare Survey Reveals Top Challenges, Shows Providers Improving Patient Payment Experience with Technology

27 February 2018

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Zani v. Rite Aid Helps Define Boundaries of Healthcare Exception to TCPA

27 February 2018


Are You Missing Value-Based Payments? Patient Experience Is Key

8 February 2018

Will 2018 Be the Year States Shore Up Balance Billing Legislation?

7 February 2018

Getting Millennials to Pay their Balance Medical Bills May Require a Revolution, TransUnion Study Suggests

31 January 2018


New Mexico’s Study on Balance Medical Billing Echoes National Concerns

23 January 2018

Manage Rising Self-Pay Account Volumes with These 3 Key Disciplines

18 January 2018


5 Compliance Hot Spots to Consider when Choosing a Patient Finance Vendor

10 January 2018

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Integrated Vendor Partnership Helps Hospitals Manage Patient Self-Pay Challenge

3 January 2018