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Breakdown of Four New Requirements for Collecting Medical Debt in the State of Washington

1 May 2019


In States Without Balance Billing Legislation, Patients Continue to See "Surprise" Invoices for Out-of-Network Providers

20 March 2019

Kaulkin Ginsberg Announces the Revenue Cycle Management Industry: 2018 Outlook

6 November 2018

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New Jersey's Out-of-Network Healthcare Billing Law Goes Into Effect

6 September 2018

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E.D. Michigan: TCPA Consent Passes from Doctor’s Office to Debt Collector Retained by Laboratory

1 August 2018


FDCPA Caselaw Review for April 2018

22 May 2018

8th Cir. Applies ‘Materiality’ Requirement to FDCPA Action, Joining Other Circuits

7 May 2018

Are Physician Staffing Companies Killing the Patient Experience and Bottom Line?

10 April 2018

5 States Make Balance Billing Progress in the First Quarter of 2018

15 March 2018

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BillingTree Healthcare Survey Reveals Top Challenges, Shows Providers Improving Patient Payment Experience with Technology

27 February 2018

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Zani v. Rite Aid Helps Define Boundaries of Healthcare Exception to TCPA

27 February 2018


Are You Missing Value-Based Payments? Patient Experience Is Key

8 February 2018

Will 2018 Be the Year States Shore Up Balance Billing Legislation?

7 February 2018

Getting Millennials to Pay their Balance Medical Bills May Require a Revolution, TransUnion Study Suggests

31 January 2018


New Mexico’s Study on Balance Medical Billing Echoes National Concerns

23 January 2018

Manage Rising Self-Pay Account Volumes with These 3 Key Disciplines

18 January 2018


5 Compliance Hot Spots to Consider when Choosing a Patient Finance Vendor

10 January 2018

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Integrated Vendor Partnership Helps Hospitals Manage Patient Self-Pay Challenge

3 January 2018


Revenue Cycle Leader Profile: Amy Bigbee, McKesson Specialty Health

18 December 2017

Revenue Cycle Leader Profile: Peter Troia, Aurora Health Care

11 December 2017