Extend the reach of your message by sending an eBlast to insideARM’s subscribers. eBlasts are a turn-key way to get your latest developments, announcements, events, or launches out to a large audience. 

Here's How it Works

Step 1: After contract is signed, your team will develop an HTML eBlast that you would like insideARM to send out.This eBlast will be completely branded by you, containing content and messaging specific to your company. 

Step 2: From there, the iA team will put your file into the email service provider (ESP), and include the insideARM preheader. Once this is complete, iA will send out a test eBlast to you and your team. This will ensure all links, images, and text are displayed correctly. 

Step 3: After the eBlast is approved, iA will schedule your blast to go out on the designated date. Sit back and relax as your email is pushed out to thousands automatically. 

Program FAQs 

Q: Can I send my eBlast to a certain segment of your subscribers? 
A: Yes. The insideARM list can be segmented based on professional role and/or business type. These are iA- determined fields. 

Q: What kind of statistics or information will I receive? 
A: Upon request, iA will provide you with # of recipients, # of opens, and # of clicks. We do not give out list information or subscriber contact information. 

Q: How do I get lead information from an eBlast? 
A: Because insideARM does not provide any sort of contact information of subscribers, we recommend using tracking links and/or landing pages with your eBlast in order to collect lead information. 

Q: What ESP does insideARM use? 
A: insideARM uses RealMagnet to send out email communications to our subscriber list.


$4,000 per e-Blast

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