JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Diversified Consultants Incorporated, the industry leader in Telecom and Cable satellite collections, today announced the hiring of Nick Jarman as Senior Vice President.  Nick has previously held positions with Central Credit Services and was co-owner of Delta Outsourcing Group based in St Louis MO.  In addition, Nick was a previous board member for the ACA and writes regularly for ‘Collector’ magazine. 

Gordon Beck COO of Diversified Consultants Incorporated said: “It’s very difficult for any organization to be 100% sure of the employees that they bring in. In this case however, given Nick’s previous experience, his previous results and his appetite for continuous improvement, the decision was an easy one. We feel fortunate to welcome Nick to the DCI family."

Nick Jarman stated: "The idea of working with DCI, the penultimate collection company in its specialty, was something that I have long thought of doing. When the opportunity arose, I jumped at it. I look forward to working with all employees at DCI and to contribute in every way possible to ensure that DCI stays on the road of continuous effectiveness and continuous improvement. I am honored to be afforded this opportunity.”

As the SVP for DCI, Nick’s responsibilities will encompass all of DCI’s departments.