BROOKFIELD, Wisc. -- Surefire Data Solutions, LLC, an innovative technology company that provides performance and compliance focused solutions, located at 250 N Sunnyslope Rd Suite 220, Brookfield, WI 53005-4809, has announced that they have surpassed 10 million redacted pages with their automated solution. 

The manual redaction process requires large numbers of employees blacking out Personally Identifiable Information, and as focus slips, risk increases. In addition to this risk, labor costs to verify redaction results are usually the largest expense when it comes to these industry projects. Seeing a need for faster and more efficient document security, Surefire developed an automated, end-to-end solution for data security and compliance. 

  • Reduces cost of having a team of manual redactors
  • Reduces complexity by streamlining the process
  • Reduces risk with a system that promises accuracy and compliance

“You rest easier knowing that this private, confidential information is removed, not just masked or blacked out. The process is a completely digital workflow, the elevated speed works through a high volume of documents without risking high cost. There is no doubt that this data is being protected.” – CIO, RSIEH


About Surefire Data Solutions, LLC

Founded in 2010, Surefire Data Solutions, LLC is an innovative technology company that provides performance and compliance focused solutions that enable Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) Professionals to reduce the complexity, cost and risk associated with doing business. Over the past 7 years, the Surefire team has developed applications for process improvement through automation, network management, compliance & tracking and data analysis. For more on Surefire Data Solutions, LLC, and their redaction solution, visit


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