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IACC Member Survey Reveals Chief Concerns for 2018

4 January 2018

ACA International Releases 2017 Study of 3rd Party Debt Collection Industry

20 December 2017


Communicating With Debt Collectors Often Produces Positive Outcomes

5 December 2017


ACA's Pat Morris Leaves Collection Industry to Lead Mid-Market Growth Association

26 October 2017

NARCA 2017 Awards & Scholarship Recipients Announced

23 October 2017


18 Million More Reasons Debt Collectors Need to be Engaged in the Illegal Robocall Solution

23 October 2017


The National Creditors Bar Association Elects New Officers and Board Members, Yale Levy Sworn in As President

23 October 2017

Commercial Collection Agencies of America Addresses State Regulators

10 October 2017

Rosen and Lunn Named to Independent Standards Board

6 September 2017


RMA Recommends Suspension of Communications to Consumers Located in Areas Affected by Tropical Storm Harvey

1 September 2017


Latest CFPB Consumer Survey Proposal Receives Mixed Review; One Industry Separates Itself from Another

7 August 2017

RMA Expands Certification Program; Includes Judgments

25 July 2017

ACA International Elects New Board Members

19 July 2017

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Consumer and Industry Groups Partner for Practical Debt Collection Education

18 July 2017

Consumer Relations Consortium Recognizes Kraft and Rossman with Dedicated Service Awards

12 July 2017

Federal Reserve Report Affirms Importance of Debt Collection in the Credit Ecosystem

5 July 2017

Surefire Data Solutions Becomes Affiliate Member of ACA International

21 June 2017

AdobeStock--Frank Fennema--caution-careful-cautious

Industry Association Urges Caution When Interpreting Santander Decision

13 June 2017

Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back

9 May 2017

FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly

FCC's O'Rielly Says Legitimate Businesses Haven't Effectively Told Their Story on TCPA

5 May 2017