Debt collection law firms, also known as creditor’s rights law firms, focus on the collection of debt through the court system. While traditional collection agencies are not authorized to file lawsuits against debtors, collection attorneys specialize in taking debt cases to court to try to obtain court-ordered judgments against debtors. In addition to teams of legal professionals, many collection law firms have extensive collection operations that conduct more traditional debt recovery activity.

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Ohio Law Firm Receives HUBZone Certification

6 June 2016

Appeals Court Affirms that FDCPA Does Not Require Debt Collector Intent to Proceed to Trial When Filing Lawsuit

20 May 2016


Consent Order Compliance: Navigating The CFPB’s Unofficial “Rules” Governing Debt Collection

19 May 2016


In Sheriff et al. v. Gillie et al. Supreme Court Provides Insight as to Intent and Purpose of the FDCPA

17 May 2016


Debt Collection Litigation in the Cross Hairs: CFPB's Consent Order Against New Jersey Law Firm Creates More Problems Than Solutions

29 April 2016


New ProPublica Article Criticizes Debt Collection Litigation on Medical Accounts; Paints One Firm as Outlier

28 April 2016

Pressler and Pressler Offers Response to CFPB Settlement Agreement

26 April 2016


CFPB Announces Consent Orders Against Law Firm and Debt Buyer

26 April 2016

Law Firm No Longer Needs to Be Licensed as Debt Collector in Mass - The Story Behind the Reversal

8 April 2016

SCOTUS Challenges Plaintiff Argument on Use of AG Letterhead in FDCPA Case

30 March 2016

Bank of America Debt Securitization Case is Actually Round Two

18 March 2016


The Little Engine That CAN Make a Difference

10 March 2016


Executive Change: Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA Welcomes Attorney David Mullen in Brooklyn Heights

10 February 2016

Brock & Scott Collections Division Expands Operations and Presence in Georgia

2 February 2016


Executive Change: Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co., LPA Announces the Election of New Shareholders

29 January 2016

Industry Self-Policing Goes Back to 1928; NARCA Follows Suit

29 January 2016

Texas Law Firm to Pay $3.4 million - Settling Class Action Matter Alleging Unauthorized Practice of Law in California

14 January 2016

Overcoming the Two Biggest Challenges Facing the Collection Industry

12 January 2016

CFPB Settles Enforcement Action with Georgia Law Firm: Continued Oversight over the Practice of Law Expected

28 December 2015

The Winding Road of Litigation Against Frederick J. Hanna Nears End With CFPB Filing Proposed Consent Order Today; Hanna and NARCA Respond

28 December 2015