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LocateSmarter Announces New Manual Search Platform for Accounts Receivable Industry

13 October 2016

Data Security and the Debt Industry Podcast

Podcast: Data Security and the Debt Industry

1 October 2016


California Amends Requirements for Debt Collectors Responding to Consumer Claims of Identity Theft

21 September 2016


New York Proposes Extensive Data Security Regs for Financial Services Companies, Begins 45-Day Comment Period

15 September 2016

REVEALDataWorks Exceeds One Billion Performance Transactions

13 September 2016


Judge Decides Sanctions Now Not Warranted in “Fanciful, Farfetched” FCRA Case

24 August 2016


TransUnion’s TLOxp and Interactive Intelligence ARM Solution Integrate to Improve Right Party Contact Rates

11 August 2016


insideARM Perspective On CFPB Outline of Proposed Debt Collection Rules – Information Integrity

2 August 2016

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Announcing Data Signals, LLC Announcing an Exciting New Analytics Company in Jacksonville

21 July 2016


Plaintiff Counsel Threatened With Sanctions Responds to Judge in Experian "Meaningful Review" Credit Dispute Case

30 June 2016

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Neustar Announces Intention to Separate into Two Independent Publicly Traded Companies

27 June 2016


New Credit Bureau Reporting Requirements for Debt Collection Agencies and Debt Buyers Become Effective This Week

13 June 2016

LocateSmarter Introduces Movali Analytics and Movali 3.0

20 April 2016

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The FTC’s Big Data Report – How it Applies to You!

20 April 2016

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Big Data: A Crucial Investment for the Collections Industry (sponsored)

11 April 2016

Ontario Systems to Discuss Critical Vendor Issues at iARM Larger Market Participant Summit

5 April 2016

TEC Services Group Introduces REVEALDataWorks: Providing Collection Agencies in the ARM Industry with Powerful Data Insights

15 March 2016

Major Credit Bureaus Issue Furnisher Data Reporting Process Changes

11 March 2016

Debt Collection Complaints to FTC Flooded by PrivacyStar Mobile App

2 March 2016

Wisconsin Governor Signs Debt Collection-Friendly Bill

1 March 2016