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Every year, insideARM releases its list of Best Places to Work in Collections. The data is unique in that it’s one of the few times compliance meets human connection, as employees and employers are asked to evaluate their work experience.

But what really makes a collection agency the best in the business? How has that definition changed since the survey began six years ago? And how can employers create data-driven programs and policies that boost employee satisfaction and their professional ranking?

This first of its kind report takes a deeper look at the data behind the Best Places to Work in Collections to examine what traits really make a company a winner. Learn how the best companies in the debt collection industry distinguish themselves from everyone else as employee-friendly. Discover trends in employee benefits, so you can see how your programs stack up. See how employee satisfaction correlates with benefits and standing. Use the data to ensure your company’s policies, practices, philosophy, systems and demographics are on track for excellence in 2014 and beyond.
Product: PDF Download

Pages: 98 pp

You’ll Learn:

  • Key differences between winners and non-winners for Best Places to Work in Collections
  • How the size of a collection agency impacts employee benefits
  • How employee satisfaction has evolved over the past six years
  • What companies of all sizes can do to increase employee satisfaction, and their rank on the list

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