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TCPA rule-changes have lead to confusion and uncertainty in the industry, as call centers and legal teams struggle to make full sense of the new regulations in light of potentially contradicting statutes and nuanced exemptions regarding call consent, system compliance, and the cost of regulatory infractions. Understanding the scope and legal intentions of these new regulations is crucial to succeeding in today’s call center industry.

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  1. The Current State of Affairs
  2. What are The New Rules and What Issues Do They Address?
  3. What Exactly Does the New TCPA Have in Mind Regarding the Call Center Industry?
  4. Call Center Systems and Methods of Contact
  5. The Importance of Prior Expressed Written Consent
  6. How Prior Expressed Written Consent is Defined
  7. How These New Rules Affect Call Centers and Are There Exemptions?
    • How Landlines and B2B Campaigns are Affected
    • List of Possible Exemptions to the New Rule
  8. How Call Centers Can Stay Compliant