Tackling the Growing Self-Pay Revenue Problem

According to Healthcare Finance News, more than half of provider bills don’t get paid. And for every dollar billed to patients, providers have historically failed to collect 65 cents. Providers are experts at managing insurance reimbursement, but collecting self-pay dollars is a different story. With the average annual deductible for covered workers increasing 255% since 2006 and projected to continue this growth trajectory, providers are faced with a daunting challenge to remain profitable.

It’s a trend that’s not reversing – and it’s causing distress for families and CEOs alike.

This free whitepaper from Ontario Systems examines the issues from all sides, and suggests five steps to get cash from your self-pay portfolio:

  • Understand and Leverage Your Patients’ Financial Profile
  • Create More and Better Options to Connect with Your Patients
  • Maintain a Holistic View of Your Patients’ Activities
  • Communicate Early and Proactively
  • Listen