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The New York City Council has taken steps over the last week to protect tenants from evictions and provide leniency in paying back unpaid rent during the COVID-19 emergency. This is just one of several measures introduced in the City Council's COVID-19 relief package.

The relief package's landlord/tenant provisions of the proposed relief package provide as follows:

  • Barring marshals and sheriffs from collecting debts and performing evictions until April 2021, effectively extending Gov. Cuomo's statewide 90-day eviction moratorium by almost a year. This would apply to the evictions of both residential and commercial tenants.
  • Bar marshals and sheriffs from executing money judgments.
  • Protect tenants from harassment by landlords.


The City Council's announcement recognizes that this, in effect, will give tenants that fall into this category's protections "additional time to repay their rent."

In an effort to help New York City's small businesses, the City Council's relief package would also suspend personal liability on commercial leases.

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