Ontario Systems, a leading receivables management technology and services provider, announced Phoenix Financial Services selected the company’s collection software package, including its Contact Savvy contact management solution, today to power medical and student loan collections across the entire Phoenix enterprise.

Founded by receivables management veteran Dave Hoeft, the new agency will use Ontario Systems’ software to service Department of Education contracts, along with business office functions for several health systems throughout the country.

“We needed a solution with the flexibility to allow for quick, agile changes in strategy throughout the collection process,” Hoeft explains. “That meant one that could easily link with key vendors, while still providing the robust functionality we needed to send letters, skiptrace, and report credit information, without requiring us to use hours of time to train our staff. We spoke with dozens involved in the industry to learn what the best fit would be – Ontario Systems was the consistent answer.”

Phoenix opened its doors in February, and plans to leverage the collection software technology to quickly grow as a subcontractor for the Department of Education, and service a greater volume of healthcare collections. The company recognized the importance of reputation in pursuit of those goals, which made industry certification and history two major keys to the selection.

“When it came down to it, more than 30 years of success in receivables management means a lot to our clients,” Hoeft concludes. “That’s why in the end, there was no question which provider we wanted: Ontario Systems was the answer.”

“The complexity, sensitivity, and compliance burdens associated with student loan and medical collections can be truly staggering,” says Ontario Systems CEO, Ron Fauquher. “That’s why we’re excited to partner with a new, growing, and innovative agency like Phoenix. We commend fresh upstarts like them, and all our new and established customers who continuously innovate and push the envelope across our industry. We look forward to working with all of them well into the future.”

Ontario Systems, LLC is a leading provider of accounts receivable and strategic receivables management solutions for the collections and healthcare industries. Offering a full portfolio of software, services, and business process expertise, Ontario Systems customers include nine of the 10 largest collections agencies, and three of the five biggest health systems in the U.S., with 55,000 representatives in more than 500 locations. To learn more about how Ontario Systems can help power up your receivables, visit OntarioSystems.com, or email mailto:info@ontariosystems.com.

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