NEW YORK, N.Y. -- After a year of engineering and development using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence engines and proprietary data mining algorithms, Pairity is nearing the launch of its first product, PairityDiscover™. PairityDiscover™ is a tool that allows a user of any skill level to gain insights into a set of accounts whether they be new or old. 

PairityDiscover™ is built upon a platform that leverages some of the world’s most secure cloud computing infrastructure. According to company founder and CEO Gregory Allen, “We built this system so that it is not only as secure as possible, but it is always available.” 

Pairity developed the system to put advanced analytics into as many agencies as possible. As explained by Bradley J. Bartram, Pairity’s COO, “The world is full of advanced tools for researchers and academics. We created our software to eliminate the need for having a Ph.D. on payroll. It’s simple, it’s obvious, and because of the AI, it provides great insights for anyone of any skill-level.” 

As the company nears an early-October limited market launch of this software, they are soliciting agencies to visit their website and signup for the Beta program. This program runs for a limited time and encourages selected users to provide feedback and insights for ongoing development purposes. All while using the AI powered PairityDiscover™ within their organization for no direct cost.

About Pairity 

Pairity is a software company that services the debt collections and accounts receivable industry with advanced solutions for critical challenges. Pairity maintains offices in New York City, Buffalo, and Boston. 

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