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Keeping up with State Licensing and Enforcement Activity is Becoming a Full-Time Job For Collection Agencies

13 September 2016


Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Nixes Bill Connected to His Former Business Life in Debt Collection

9 August 2016


Minnesota's Automatic Dialing Statute: You May be Liable for Calling a Wrong Number in Minnesota

12 July 2016


New Georgia Wage Garnishment Law Takes Effect

18 May 2016

Law Firm No Longer Needs to Be Licensed as Debt Collector in Mass - The Story Behind the Reversal

8 April 2016

Wisconsin Governor Signs Debt Collection-Friendly Bill

1 March 2016

Rhode Island ‘Expired Debt Act’ More Than Name Implies

12 February 2016

Illinois Reverses Course, Realigns State Collections Law with FDCPA

2 February 2016

2015 State Collections Regulations Year in Review

21 December 2015

Debt Collection Case Goes to Supreme Court

14 December 2015

Massachusetts Collection Law Firms Are Now ‘Debt Collectors’

1 December 2015

Pennsylvania Bill Would Drastically Limit Telephone Calls to Debtors

1 December 2015

Illinois Bill Provides Welcome Fix to Illinois Collection Agency Act

19 November 2015

New Jersey Debt Collection Bill Requiring 'Good Faith' Identity Theft Determinations Passes Senate

16 November 2015

The Difference Between Holding a License and Keeping It

12 October 2015

Apparently Creditor Friendly North Carolina Debt Collection Law Revision Surprises Some

3 September 2015

NYDFS Amendments Take Effect Sept. 9, And New FAQs Released

1 September 2015

Illinois Collection Agency Act Updates Are Material, And Have Already Taken Effect

31 August 2015

Does Your Backup Person Meet State Licensing Requirements?

20 July 2015

North Dakota Announces Debt Collection License Changes

17 July 2015