Twenty credit and collections veterans dedicated to guiding their peer and elevating the ARMs industry have joined the Compliance Professionals Forum Editorial Review Board.

Editorial Review Board members are tasked with helping insideARM’s Compliance Professionals Forum membership organization provide the deepest and most practical compliance insight possible to members by reviewing and enhancing Compliance Professionals Forum content to make sure it rises to the highest possible standard.

“We were able to get some of the best minds in the industry to be contributing members of our editorial review board,” said Director of Education Mike Bevel. “Not only do we rely on this group to vet our reports, guides, checklists, and tools – they also provide constant feedback on industry best-practices and help us stay alert to pain-points. That we are as successful as we are is a direct testament both to our members and this excellent board we’ve assembled.”

Thank you to the following 2016 Editorial Review Board members:

Rozanne M. Andersen – Ontario Systems
Tracey Bannochie – DCM Services
John Bedard – Bedard Law Group P.C.
Renee Bogar – Radius Global Solutions Inc.
Paul Brennan – First Credit Services/Accounts Receivable Technology
David Cherner – Northland Group
Tim Collins – Convergent USA
Nicole Cummins – Windham Professionals
Sarah Doerr- Moss & Barnett
Bob Deter – National Enterprise Systems
Anthony E. DiResta – Holland & Knight LLP
Thomas R. Dominczyk – Maurice Wutscher
Mike Hiller – American Profit Recovery
David Kaminski – Carlson & Messer, LLP
Kelly Knepper-Stephens – Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLC
Joann Needleman – Clark Hill PLC
James Null – AllianceData
Stacy Spradling – Radius Global Solutions
Sheri Stringer – Account Control Technology, Inc.
Luke Umstetter – Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

If you have significant industry expertise and feel like you would be a valuable addition to The Compliance Professionals Forum’s Editorial Review Board, please send an email of interest to

About the Compliance Professionals Forum

insideARM created the Compliance Professionals Forum, a membership organization that provides professionals responsible for compliance related to communicating with consumers about a debt with  up-to-the-minute compliance insight, how-to guidance and tools. The Compliance Professionals Forum brings together professionals for compliance conversations on a regular basis to help members operate with confidence and know where their organization stands against like-minded agencies.

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