A debt buyer is a firm that purchases debt from another company, usually a creditor or bank, at a deeply discounted rate. The debt purchaser then attempts to collect the debt through its own operations or through the use of a third-party debt collection agency. Some debt buyers may sell all or part of the debt to another party at a profit. Most debt buyers are small and privately held, though there is a handful of publicly traded debt buying companies. Recent changes in law and legal rulings have seen the debt buying industry regulated like collection agencies, or servicers of debt, rather than creditors, or owners of the debt. Debt buyers must adhere to the FDCPA.

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Industry Association Urges Caution When Interpreting Santander Decision

13 June 2017


Court Sides With Collector on Out-of-Stat Disclosure

7 June 2017


U.S. Supreme Court Rejects FDCPA Liability in Bankruptcy Proceeding

17 May 2017


PRA Group Announces Settlement with IRS

16 May 2017


PRA Group Reports Q1 Results, Discusses Supply, Pricing, TCPA and Regulatory Environment

11 May 2017


Encore Capital Reports Q1 Results, Comments on Supply, Pricing, Portfolio Mix, TCPA

10 May 2017


Colorado's FDCPA Adds Media Requirements, Removes its Collection Agency Board

25 April 2017


U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments over Whether Debt Buyers are Debt Collectors under FDCPA

24 April 2017


Appeals Court Affirms Ruling Against Debt Buyer for Misleading Out-of-Stat Collection Letter

30 March 2017


Court Rules Debt Buyer’s Small Claims Court Judgment Waived Right to Arbitration in Class Action Suit

29 March 2017


CFPB Quietly Issues 2017 FDCPA Report to Congress

28 March 2017


SquareTwo Announces Portfolio Asset Sale To Resurgent Holdings

20 March 2017


FDCPA Caselaw Review for February 2017

9 March 2017


Encore Capital Announces Q4 and Full Year 2016 Results, Comments on Pricing, Supply, and TCPA

2 March 2017


PRAA Reports 4th Quarter Loss

1 March 2017


SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments on FDCPA Out-of-Statute Debt Case

18 January 2017


FTC Charges Joel Tucker in Fake Debt Sales Scheme; Brother Scott Tucker Ordered to Pay $1.3B in Separate 2016 Case

10 January 2017


HS Financial Group Becomes Certified Debt Buyer/ Third Party Collection Agency by DBA International

10 January 2017


Massachusetts Proposes New Rules for Collection Litigation on Credit Card Debt

15 December 2016


Court Holds That Interest Reference in Dunning Letter is Not FDCPA Violation

12 December 2016