As those of us in the industry know well, there always seems to be an "it" claim that makes its way in droves against debt collectors. A few years ago, it was barcodes on an envelope and 1099-C/tax consequences disclosures. More recently, it's been the written dispute requirement issue in the Third Circuit and interest, fees, and charges disclosures in the Second and Seventh Circuits.

Have you ever wondered how these issues have faired in court decisions? The iA Case Law Tracker lets you get that information quickly. For example, check out these quick stats on how the courts have come down on these issues since 2018.

02.27.2020 CLT FDCPA stats smaller

To add to this, there have been 25 court decisions where the judge calls out the plaintiffs' bar for abusing the FDCPA to line their own pockets, since the hyper-technical lawsuits they file go against the public policy behind the FDCPA and, in effect, harm consumers.

The coolest—and probably persuasive stat of all—the iA Case Law Tracker let me pull all of this information in just a couple of minutes. 

Subscribing to the iA Case Law Tracker allows you to get specifics on all of these cases, such as:

  • The facts involved
  • Jurisdiction
  • Stage of litigation for the decision
  • Who was plaintiffs' counsel on each
  • The type of debt involved

Imagine what you could do with all of that information.



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