Debt collectors work with universities, colleges and private lenders to collect student loans. For education loans backed by the federal government, the U.S. Department of Education has a clearly-defined collection program that uses private collection agencies. Recent changes in federal law will shift all previously federally backed loans to direct loans from the federal government, cutting private lenders out of the equation.

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ED Proposes "Do Over" in RFP for Private Collection Services

22 May 2017


CFPB Makes Somewhat Unsurprising Finding in the Ridiculously Complicated World of Student Loan Repayment

17 May 2017


Nobody Answering the Phone; Student Loan Borrowers (and Taxpayers) Impacted Bigtime

8 May 2017

iA-ED contract saga snippet-5.3.17

Infographic: The Ongoing Saga of the US Dept. of ED Private Collection Agency Contract

3 May 2017


2 New Developments Today in ED Collection RFP

3 May 2017


New York State Now Offers Free College Tuition: The Potential Beginning of a Major Nationwide Trend?

1 May 2017


Emergency Extension of TRO Preserves Status Quo in Dept. of ED Collection Contract

1 May 2017


Judge Issues 30-Day Halt To Proceedings in ED Contract Debacle

20 April 2017


GAO Report on ED Decision Process Pulls No Punches

11 April 2017


GAO Releases Decision on Department of ED Collection RFP Protests

10 April 2017


Last Friday Brought New Twist in Dept. of ED Debt Collection Road

3 April 2017


TG to Continue its No-Collection-Fee Practice for Borrowers Agreeing to Loan Rehabilitation or Repayment within 60 Days of Default

24 March 2017


More Twists in ED's 'Dear Colleague' Collection Fee Matter

22 March 2017


Judge Rules For Servicer in TCPA Case Regarding Calls to Number Provided for Subsequent Loan

21 March 2017


Trump's ED Dept Withdraws Position Prohibiting Collection Fees on FFEL Defaults

21 March 2017


Student Loan Guarantor Agency Not Liable for Collector’s Alleged TCPA Violations

14 March 2017


More Twists and Turns in the Quest to Obtain a Department of Education Contract

13 March 2017


Wells Fargo to Settle Two Separate TCPA Class Actions Totaling Over $17.7M

28 February 2017


CFPB Requests Information on Proposed Student Loan Data Initiative

23 February 2017


Organization Seeks Small Firms to Complete RFI for Federal Subcontracts, Tightens Membership Requirements

7 February 2017