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CCPA Part II: What The CCPA Will Mean For Your Compliance Platform

28 January 2019

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Calif.'s Second Public Privacy Forum on CCPA in Review

15 January 2019

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Federal and State Call Recording Laws for Debt Collection Professionals (Sponsored)

30 July 2018

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N.D. California: 1692g Validation Notice Not Overshadowed by CFDBPA Disclosure

21 June 2018

SD Calif. Continues Trend of Bringing Clarity to Case Alleging Improper Interest Charges

16 May 2018

New Collection Letter Lawsuits in California and New York: What Your Agency Needs to Know Now

30 August 2017

New Study Examines Patient Payment and the Affordable Care Act

16 November 2016

Colorado Publishes FDCPA Sunset Review

18 October 2016

California Amends Requirements for Debt Collectors Responding to Consumer Claims of Identity Theft

21 September 2016

Doctors Fight "Devastating" Bill in California Which Would Limit Revenue From Self Pay Patients

6 September 2016

Supreme Court Enforces Mandatory Arbitration Provision in California

15 December 2015